The Tropical Storm That Wasn’t

The weather in my area of Florida has been rather mild the last few years, in the way of major or tropical storms, so when word of tropical storm Collin came to the coast, I saw a variety of interesting reactions.

First there were the people stocking up on goods of all kinds for fear of damage or a major power outage.

Then there were the folks (probably already with stockpiled supplies) who hunkered down and decided to play it by ear. From my point of view, this seemed to be the majority decision.

And one more group, one that I always find the most fascinating.

Animals often react to incoming storms by hiding, going to their burrow, finding a place to roost, finding a way to endure the coming weather. At my place on the canal, the land crabs were on the move, looking for higher ground, literally. I found the critters in the trees in the yard. They were waiting for the tide to rise and it did, maybe a little over two feet higher than its usual high point.

High winds aside, that high tide was pretty much the only bedevilment delivered by Collin in my corner of Pasco county. So, if you happen to be camping or vising the Sunshine State and you notice the beach crabs climbing the trees, you may want to get ready for heavy weather.

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