The #1 Task for Social Media Campaign Managers

Everyone can talk and everyone can take pictures. If you are naturally glib and can craft an amusing thought in under 100 characters, or you just like to share your interests, then the career of a social media campaign manager may be right for you.

Social media campaign manager is a fairly new job description. You don’t need a boatload of skills to be a social media campaign manager, but successful SMC managers typically share some skills such as an understanding of SEO and how information propagates over the internet, and they know how to evaluate and use a variety of software tools. There are many tools, and the ones you use will be up to you. Some people use databases and proprietary online applications. Many people prefer to keep it simple. I use Excel spreadsheets and Notepad, and Hootsuite to help keep track of posts.

Spreadsheets help you monitor activity over time, and chart how your campaign progresses. Notepad provides an easy way to save all of your tweets and FaceBook posts. That brings me to the point of this post, the #1 thing you must do when you run social media campaigns.

You need to keep a record of every post you make. It helps if you arrange your records by date. Notepad is fast and simple, and you can cut and paste all you want. When you look at each of your posts as a deliverable, then one purpose of your records is clear – providing something to your client in return for your fee.

So your take-away from today’s post is simply this – copy everything you post, paste it into a file somewhere to save it. After you have several thousand posts saved, you can use it as a library for all manner of future social media projects.

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